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The sales partner to scale revenue

You are busy. But you know one thing for certain. 

You want to sell more. 

In a world where AI is making every company's outreach feel the same, you dream of a sales approach that's so compelling it becomes the talk of your industry.

But you're busy. You're swamped. And it's not just you – your team is also up to their necks in tasks. They could really use some extra help. They need a pair of magic hands – a sales expert who can dive into those 'what if' ideas and turn them into revenue-generating realities.

A sales partner you can trust. A partner who's been there, done that. And ones that have that scrappy startup muscle too. Teammates who have built and sold startups. Who navigate the trenches of sales growth like it's their own backyard. Not just some fancy, high-level strategists.

We're your sales partner, offering a flexible choice between two painful options:

  • Risk relying on a single salesperson who may lack the necessary skills

  • Be forced to hire a costly, full-time sales team

WeScale offers quick, cost-effective sales solutions to scale revenue. Say goodbye to unreliable freelancers and expensive full-time hires.

Access sales experts on-demand for 60% the cost of full time hires.

We're an extension of your team. We make you look good. We make you money. And we do it at a fair price.

Revenue awaits. 

Type of services included:


Sales infrastructure setup

Process Workflow Design

Outreach Automation

Sales Playbook Design

Prospecting & Lead Prioritization

Campaign Planning & Management

Go To Market Analysis

Value Proposition Tailoring

Targeting Strategy

Sales Analytics & Dashboards

Team Optimization Strategies

Sales Training

Scripts & Templates

Sales Assets

Lead Magnets

+ anything you need


Partnering with WeScale starts at $6,995.